日本で最後の人なんじゃないか(・o・)!? OMG!

i got the ticket, but i don't have the time to go D:

haa i wanna watch it so badly.everyone says it'll make me cry.
that's good, because i love movies that makes me cry!

ohh but except love stories.
we definetly need humor for love stories :3 ♥

そういえば、去年の夏mary blair展に
ままと姉と行きました :D

walt disneyの右腕だった方の展覧会 :)

it was super pretty. my jaws were open.
the colors were gorgeous. <3
no doubt why she was trusted so much from walt disney.


my sister is crazy about disney. (plus my dad. lol)
it's really funny, because she knows anything about it.
i can say that her dream is to work in disney world.
even she dosen't say it in words. i can feel it. lol

ahh i miss disney world so much! the last time i went there is..
a few years ago.. when i was in 7th grade...

it seems like forever.


alice in the wonderland is my favorite one too!!
maybe it was good cuz i saw in 2D.
i really don't care about watching in 3D od 2D,
but i hate when i have a head ache after the 3D movies.
wow it's beautiful also in pictures.

anna hathway as the white queen is beautiful.
her dress!!! so sensitive.
she looked like floating all the time. haha
she made some whitty jokes, and i completely loved her♥lol

大人になっても好きでいたい :)))


  1. where the hell did u feel that i wanted
    to work @ wdw?! you know, im never gonna
    leave kansai :| tokyo's a too tough place
    for me to live. too much ppl + wannabes
    = not for me! haha jk jk
    but i guess you go there to have fun.
    im sorry that i cant go with you tmrw :(
    hope you have fun <3
    but i could go to the movies with you!
    soregurai no jikan nara aruyo---
    mokki said that he wanted to watch ts3
    he'll super yorokobu if you say you'll go w/ em
    ahaha uso uso
    ttul~~~~ xoxo

  2. hehe i know everything about you!! lolol
    disney is the best place to work for YOU. seriously.
    it's okayy i had so much fun with daddy :)
    yeah let's go to watch movies but you seem really busy ;(
    i think mokkikun will be super happy if YOU will go. not me.


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