LET ME GO!!!!!

hello :)

well, i watched the 最終回 of GLEE like tons of times and i cried A LOT. sob sob..
it was just so... dramatic and sensational and heart warming and and and..
i'm sure that i can talk about it a whole day.


well thank you mommy. lol

it's great because they use music from the 70s and 80s,
like our mom's and dad's age, so we can all enjoy it together :)
JOUNEY, QUEEN are the popular songs in Glee, but they sing every genres
and it's really exciting every week.

my favorite song is Don't stop believing/Journey
and,, Somebody to love/ Queen
true colors/ Cindy Lauper

these glee cast version are all in my ipod :D hehe

i love the humor, happiness, and the energy of Glee.
it would be fantastic if i could be in the cast!!! haha
they look very close to each other and good friends.

so the 最終回 was the medley of Journey(my dad's favorite band)
and the Vocal Adrenaline sang the Bohemian rhapsody by queen.

it was amazing.

見た後更にjourneyとかqueenが好きになれた気がする ♥

haa... glee部とかあったらいいのにな〜


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