does that make me crazy?

Katie Noonan -  "Crazy" (Gnarles Barkley)


Bling Ring

I found it quite smart to define a person's character on the design of shades lol


I will set you free

When the story Twilight came out as a film, I was honestly not that interested in the actress Kristen Stewart, perhaps because she doesn't easily reveal her real personality to others, but through these past few years she has turned into a hollywood star with huge success, and her fashion tastes are becoming better each year too. I also ended up understanding that she's not shy nor stubborn, but knows well about the world of hollywood and simply doesn't find the meaning of opening everything up to them. I realized this by reading one of her quotes; "But I'm glad I'm not one of the actresses who is just so ready to open up for everyone."lol Kristen shows up on every red carpet looking stunningly gorgeous, yet remaining her own taste like wearing a top-designer dress with a pair of converse sneakers. I truly can't wait for the up-coming film "On the Road", where she plays the role of Marylou, a free-spirited woman who takes off to the road with two men to search for freedom by meeting new people and a new world. People who still haven't seen the trailer, go chekitout (:


the only place


I found some few photos of my room :)

Maybe it's time to reorganize everything...


mind in one place, heart in another

Sky Ferriera's recent appearance on the fashion scene has been taking the stage.
Last month, she modeled for the new collection of Adidas Originals co-starring with
Big Sean, Nicki Minaj, Jeremy Scott, and 2NE1.

The video's theme -young creators representing their own city- was appealing too.
I understand the feeling of being proud about the city you live in, which in my case,

it would be Kobe. It's always nice to have a place or a city you can call as a home,
since many young people are unconcerned about their home town and opt for
living in big cities.

Although I still love New York, Paris, Tokyo, and all of those major cities in
the world, I would always keep my mind to be back in Kobe!

Anyway, the new line of Adidas Originals looks amazing!

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