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I found some few photos of my room :)

Maybe it's time to reorganize everything...


mind in one place, heart in another

Sky Ferriera's recent appearance on the fashion scene has been taking the stage.
Last month, she modeled for the new collection of Adidas Originals co-starring with
Big Sean, Nicki Minaj, Jeremy Scott, and 2NE1.

The video's theme -young creators representing their own city- was appealing too.
I understand the feeling of being proud about the city you live in, which in my case,

it would be Kobe. It's always nice to have a place or a city you can call as a home,
since many young people are unconcerned about their home town and opt for
living in big cities.

Although I still love New York, Paris, Tokyo, and all of those major cities in
the world, I would always keep my mind to be back in Kobe!

Anyway, the new line of Adidas Originals looks amazing!


"Artists are traditionally resistant to labels"

by Patti Smith

Hi. Wow..this month was one of the busiest months I've ever had in my life,
but also one of the most exhilarating months for sure :)

I've done my study-aborad presentation, a couple Sarah's essays,
Brier's test, Brier's speech, Eiken, toefl, toeic, and finally, my dance presentation.
and Yes, this is pretty much my excuse for not posting any blogs out here.lol

and Yes, I'm writing this one now because I couldn't concentrate 
no longer than 15 minutes on my final exam's preparation.lol

My parents consider having a mac in front of my desk to be 
very ridiculous, but I absolutely cannot study without the magnificent 
8 tracks mix(it's called "Music makes you smarter"), 
and therefore this macbook has the right to stay on my desk. hah.

Sooo, changing the subject from how I fail in studying,
I would like to talk about the picture above, yes, Patti Smith.

She's one of the greatest legends of punk, not just because she's a woman,
 but because she created music that blew off peoples' mind.
I personally love her fashion, often composed by a simple shirt, jeans, and a head band.
No one can look impeccable as her by wearing the same clothes on,
because Patti's mysterious aura is like an accessory that people wish to have.

Oh also I recently watched one of my favorite movies "School of Rock" with my friends
at home, and I caught Patti's name on the black board under the box of punk.
I first watched this movie years ago with my father, and loved how Jack Black
goofed around with those talented kids. Especially the part where he started to
teach those smart kids about rock history was super hilarious...

I really wish there were a teacher at my school like him,
who'll come in the classroom and say,

"8:15 to 10, rock history. 10 to 11, rock appreciation in theory. And then band practice till the end of the day."
-Dewey Finn



I surely can watch this forever. Love the song!


wishes and stars

For those days you just want to cheer yourself up
and get ready for a new week:)


death cab for cutie

Oh my god they're coming to Japan this summer for Summer Sonic.


Marni & H&M

As soon as I noticed that Sofia Coppola directed the commercial of
Marni for H&M, my heart started beating fast. 

The pictures , words, and music, everything is irreplaceable.

As a woman, a mother, and a world known director, I admire her the best!


A few days ago, I watched the movie "Street Dance" in Osaka,
and this dancer, Lil' Steph was looking amazing in the film. 
I just wanted to share it here because she's really inspiring,
and hope people who are not interested in dance would LOVE it :)

this is sickkk :O
love her outfit too!


Who do you live for?

Romance movies are always my favorite. 
I don't care if it's a happy ending or a sad ending,
because it depends on how we see through it.

A few months ago, I watched a movie called "Restless" directed by Gus Van Sant.
The story is about a girl with cancer and a boy who loves to visit strangers' funerals, falling in love.

Usually, I recommend to watch love comedy films that bring laughter like
"10 things I hate about you" or "What a girl wants". Those happy, funny, and sweet ones.
Therefore, a tragedy love story was obviously not my thing, but by knowing that the director was 
Gus Van Sant, it was unable not to watch. After watching the entire film sitting next to my 
mother in the movie theater, I was utterly shocked because tears were constantly falling down my cheek.

Mia Wasicowska plays the role of the main character, Annabel, a brave girl who is not afraid of
her coming death. However, after meeting Enoch, a boy who loves to attend funerals and
 talks with a ghost, Annabel starts to reconsider about her life. As they fall in love deeper, 
their limited time became an obstacle, and decide break up. However, in the end, they learn how
to face death, reality, and the future. I especially liked this movie because it described that "death" is 
not just about sad goodbyes and loneliness. People realize how much they are loved by the others 
when death comes around. For me it was when my grandmother passed away two years ago. 
When I read through her diaries, I understood how much she cared, loved, and wished the best 
for me and my family. I remember crying for a couple of hours that night very quietly, because I was 
sad but at the same time I also felt love. Likewise, Restless portrayed death very softly, 
with pure love in a comforting way.

Loved it!

p.s. i found an epic mix on 8 tracks that totally fits the mood of Restless,
and hope you guys like it too :)



Happy New Year! 2012!

It's 2012! WOOHOO! I hope this year will be awesome,
and things will work better than 2011 :)
2012 is a big year for me, because it's my last year of high school.
Things will be different, and I need to get prepared for them!

my year goal:
"think outside of the box"

hope it will be a wonderful year for all of you guys!

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