nah, smiley!

hahaha. i was just bored and found these pictures and felt funny.
blake is gorgeous. and Anna Wintour looks like the queen, doesn't she? :)
i am planning to read her biography. amazon, here we come!!!!

Oh my goodness school starts 2mrrw :O

but i'm excited about new students! i hope i can become friends. lol
i need to get out of my shy character. i want to become,,,, funny. YES, FUNNY.

today, i had my band practice and after that i went to Motomachi w/ my mom ♥

it was great spending time for shopping & eating :)
i love Motomachi. it's a great place to go shopping and walking around.
the boutiques, cafes, peoples are all exquisite and i feel a little rich when i go there. hahaha
you know, just a little rich. haha

i found this next to the Motomachi's pretty cafe. probably Afternoon tea.
i love these kinds of telephone...umm...what do we call it? oh, yeah. it's the telephone box. pretty name. lol
anyways, i feel the taste of London when i see this.
although i don't have a particular reason.

let's see.... maybe the color? yeah... bright red is my stereotype image of London.
in a good way, of course.

i think all the japanese telephone box should become this type of thing.
the cities would become looking better!!!!

seems like i need to send a letter to the 区役所 :D

good bye with the picture of Clueless.
pretty dress. looks like miu miu. not sure but.

nighty night



i definitely need some Knit sweaters that will make me warm and happy.


こんなのも考えてました hehe

today i had my french class and i'm getting along with the madams :) probably...lol
oh and one of the gorgeous madam brought her pretty dolce & gabbana leopard bag and i was so obsessed with it, which made me almost hard to concentrate listening to the teacher. haha
i should ask her if i could take the picture next time if she brings it again.

andddd... i rented the お洒落泥棒(dunno the english title...) so i'm gunna watch it now.




alexa chungの私服、本当にkawaii!
i love her feminine, but not "just girlish" style .
she always look clear, simple, and beautiful.

omg i really want to have that Alexa bag of Mulberry!!! lol

see you!

xoxo, Kimmy


hi! today, i went shopping to osaka with maya :)
it was so much fun talking with her <3
i'm very glad i have friends i can talk so deeply.
love ya maya! lol

karlie kloss kawaii ♥


hello. okay. well i have something to tell you guys.
i am starting a new blog. in vogue.com.

i am sure some of your jaws are open. i can see your faces.
but i am not joking. (well i still can't believe it too though.)

i'm 15 and i'm a total kid and and and and and ...
i don't know if the gorgeous vogue readers would
like my blog. but i think it's a great opportunity to
take a new stage and challenge to see what i can do,
so... i don't know who is reading this but it would
be amazing if you come to peek my new blog. honestly!

i'm not sure if i would remain this blog or not...
hmm.. what should i do? does anybody have a good idea?
and i'm scared if Jimmy Choo will get mad at this blog title. jk

anyways, this is my new blog URL

hugs and kisses,



ahhh. i am extremely sleepy...
busy day, you know? lol

i just need somebody to teach me mathematics.



anyway the wind blows

hello folks! hehe

i just bought a new digital camera from nikon,
in a very good price at yodobashi-camera.

they were having this special summer sale of
cameras and i was lucky! thanks to the sales man :D

i will upload some pictures soon.

teehee i really love taking pictures!
especially people's faces ♥

i wish somebody can teach me more about cameras.

it would be very inspiring!

talking about inspiring, i loved the look book of prada.
不思議な雰囲気がとっても素敵です :)



that's because i hate the heat.

ughh.. feeling like melting...as always...lol



didn't mean to make you cry

Dries Van Noten

(photos from style.com)

this collection is my favorite! it's breath taken.
i love all the pieces and bags and shoes and it's very very very elegant.
no. not just elegant. umm... powerful elegant? lol does it make sense? lol

simple, but very exquisite and ugh i love those sunglasses so much.











Kimmyでした <3

au revoir!


LET ME GO!!!!!

hello :)

well, i watched the 最終回 of GLEE like tons of times and i cried A LOT. sob sob..
it was just so... dramatic and sensational and heart warming and and and..
i'm sure that i can talk about it a whole day.


well thank you mommy. lol

it's great because they use music from the 70s and 80s,
like our mom's and dad's age, so we can all enjoy it together :)
JOUNEY, QUEEN are the popular songs in Glee, but they sing every genres
and it's really exciting every week.

my favorite song is Don't stop believing/Journey
and,, Somebody to love/ Queen
true colors/ Cindy Lauper

these glee cast version are all in my ipod :D hehe

i love the humor, happiness, and the energy of Glee.
it would be fantastic if i could be in the cast!!! haha
they look very close to each other and good friends.

so the 最終回 was the medley of Journey(my dad's favorite band)
and the Vocal Adrenaline sang the Bohemian rhapsody by queen.

it was amazing.

見た後更にjourneyとかqueenが好きになれた気がする ♥

haa... glee部とかあったらいいのにな〜




日本で最後の人なんじゃないか(・o・)!? OMG!

i got the ticket, but i don't have the time to go D:

haa i wanna watch it so badly.everyone says it'll make me cry.
that's good, because i love movies that makes me cry!

ohh but except love stories.
we definetly need humor for love stories :3 ♥

そういえば、去年の夏mary blair展に
ままと姉と行きました :D

walt disneyの右腕だった方の展覧会 :)

it was super pretty. my jaws were open.
the colors were gorgeous. <3
no doubt why she was trusted so much from walt disney.


my sister is crazy about disney. (plus my dad. lol)
it's really funny, because she knows anything about it.
i can say that her dream is to work in disney world.
even she dosen't say it in words. i can feel it. lol

ahh i miss disney world so much! the last time i went there is..
a few years ago.. when i was in 7th grade...

it seems like forever.


alice in the wonderland is my favorite one too!!
maybe it was good cuz i saw in 2D.
i really don't care about watching in 3D od 2D,
but i hate when i have a head ache after the 3D movies.
wow it's beautiful also in pictures.

anna hathway as the white queen is beautiful.
her dress!!! so sensitive.
she looked like floating all the time. haha
she made some whitty jokes, and i completely loved her♥lol

大人になっても好きでいたい :)))


fly like a butterfly

hello people.
it's the 10th of august. wait....


well, i don't believe it. :D haha

times going too fast. it's probably the 50th time to say this.lol
but i think this summer is going pretty good!
i'm spending lots of time with my family, and i feel very very happy everyday.
but i really do miss my friends.
hope everyone is doing well :) xoxo

so, changing the subject, i think whitney port has the best "mixing style"


olivia is kinda getting the attention now,
but i always love whitney too!
my sister and i loved her since she was in the hills.

her relax style is one of my favorites!

ooh... long legs...

very jealous! haha

she is a newyorker now, but i love how she still has the LA taste in newyork.
あのゆったりとした雰囲気とか、とても好きです :]

it would be an extremely hard question to answer if i would like to live in LA or NY...i love both places.i love america! of course i love japan too!i love all the places in the world!
hahaha i need to cool down. lol
but i think i can survive in any places.(except places with so many bugs)
my dream is to go to a world trip with only a backpack.
my friend's brother is doing that kind of thing,
and it seems really exciting!!!! :P

wow she is really indeed good at 甘辛mix! ♥ lol

it's veerryy obvious from the pics that she loves floral.
and she's always on the trend...impressive...lol

the way she adds a leather piece to her coordinate is impeccable! hmm...kawaii! ♥

oh my my, i love her hair too.

her's a little similiar to blake lively's hair, isn't it?

hehe i'm obsessed to natural curly hair.

i wish i had such hair...mine is straight and boring...boohoo...

i have this "new yorker" image for these two styles above.
polished, elegant, exquisite... umm... sophisticated? yees, sophisticated.

well i promised on this blog to make this summer a BLAST,
so i am going to make it! yes we can!!!


wipee and i just finished writing my 読書感想文!!!
still not done with the 短歌 thingy...haha

and i'm still not done with Sarah's camera homework..
oh yes maybe i should write about japanese sweets...
is that too normal? :O

oh no but i need to practice my guitar from now..wooo very sleepy..

too much things to do.
i'm not good at doing few things at a time.
nighty night!

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