say hello to the 50s


today i had my french lessons and then went to fukuoka to meet my grandpa again!
busy busy busy! but i love being busy :D
well sometimes i need time to "do nothing and sleep on the couch all day" though. lol
hehe i love sleeping on the couch than my bed. it's sooo comfy! ♡

btw my french class is very interesting. it's been almost 6 months after i started learning french.
i wish i could speak more fluently...i didn't know that learning a new language is so difficult..
but i love challenging and it's a really important experience for me.
my teacher is a wonderful person, and i love to be called mademoiselle osawa. :)
it makes me feel a little matured. haha
the other madame students are so well sophisticated, and they been to france so many times!!
i love to listen to their stories.

50s fashion is my favorite!

soft, sweet, and elegant!
i think blair always has the 50s taste in her style.
oh yeah of course because she loves audrey! :) haha
i was planning to write a little more but i'm really sleepy... so good night!
au revoir!

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