All you need is a pair of jeans

back from grandpa's house. home sweet home ♥
but i kinda miss him :(

BTW, i purchased new Diesel jeans, and they fit SO good.
it's like magic. you can feel the slight warmth when you try it on.
maybe it's the same thing from the traveling pants. lol
i'm planning to wear it everyday and make it more mushy :) haha

i truly love uniqlo jeans, but i realized that jeans have more variety and attractions than i imagined, after i wore my diesel ones.
ugh i just love them.

i took a picture but it doesn't work well...
time to get a new camera too! hehe

creepy feet. lol

OH YES, I WILL! lolol


  1. hot guys = plain white tee and jeans with sunglasses/black hair

  2. yes, indeed. lol
    plus,,,, hot guys= six packs!

    sorry for not putting the abercrombie & fitch ad.


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