shut up and let me go!

heh heh hehhhh...
i am thinking about the 短歌 for my summer homework but i can't come up with any good ideas...

does it have to be based on summer? or can i write anything?
ugh it's too difficult. writing a book summary would be way easier than writing some songs that have limits of words.

i hate to have limits! i want freedom! lol

btw, the pictures above is the wall of my room.
i was decorating it with some torn out pictures from the magazines and stuff :D

just for satisfaction lol

hehe there is tavichan too :) weeee!

and also, i finished reading the traveling pants!
well i once read it to the middle but i stopped so i decided to challenge it from the beginning again.
then, i realized that it was unbelievably interesting than i thought. it made me almost cry when Carmen told her dad that she wanted him back.
aww,,,, nice story!!!

it is extremely necessary for me to improve my english, so i am planning to read more and more books.
and i piled up some of my books that i read, reading, and trying to read.

the bottom one which is almost invisible because of the black color is Kurt Cobain's biography.
really enjoyed it and i used it for Sarah's final exam. this book helped me a lot. thanks kurt! lol

Hamlet is making me nuts, so probably i need someone who can explain the whole thing to me. haha

ooh and A- list is good too!
it's like the same category with the gossip girls, like "rich girls live in the city" kind of thing.
i want the other ones too. need to go buy in amazon.

omg i want these two books soo badly. they are some design books, and i read them in the fashion library. it would be awesome if i could display in my room! ♡

anddd the clique series are my next books too!
i heard that they are really good.
although the movie was a little childish. lol :)
oh but it was pretty though! wasn't it produced by tyra banks?


There are no limits for books.

good bye!


  1. きみえーまやCLIQUE


  2. wipeee! ありがとう♥

    thanx. i love your blog too *
    niceee! ganbatte!


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