busy with books

it is autumn people!

i found this pretty picture book, "When Autumn Comes"
the pictures are so lovely, it reminds me of kindergarten.
i loved to read picture books. and i still love them now :)


i love Grace! her works are so admirable.
i became a huge fan after watching the September issue, like most people did. lol
every single photo shoot she produce, makes people wow.

and these books arrived at my house a few days ago.
big big bigggggggg thanks to my mother. teehee <3

especially the teen vogue hand book!
i wanted this so badly!



very excited for halloween.

仮装ショー応募したい!oui let's do it~~~~



dream of a dress

I got a sweet present from my grandpa :) i love him.

A few weeks ago, i went to Barneys and found this unbelievably beautiful Marc Jacobs dress.
It was the collection from the fall 2010, and i hold it on to see how it looks on me.
I saw myself in the mirror with the dress and just thought,,, "this is it!" lol

well of course, the price is very GOOD so it would never be able to wear it
but i was just so happy that i found a dress that gave me some bright happiness.
I never saw such a beautiful dress in my whole life.

I love all his work.

ahh, i wish one of the Marc Jacobs workman will come over to my house and sew a dress like the story of Cinderella.



ethics was not bad. hope i didn't make any stupid mistakes :P

anddd. looks like i need some Loafer heels!

how many times did i see this Prada dress in magazines?

ahhhhhh kawaii ♥ lol

well good bye folks.
going back to the study world. woohoo!



Whenever you cry, I'll stand by you

she is the coolest mom in newyork city:)

hehe i love those converse sneakers <3

need to go back to study! seeya!





Can i just have one word?

"i love Sarah Burton"

oh, it's four words.

of course I admire Lee McQueen but i just love
the way how Sarah Burton added the soft taste of women. :)
and i found these stunning pictures of Mcqueen's shoes in my PC. Beautiful.

so, going back to study.

good bye bye


hey, Angel. can you hear me?

I am so astonished + amazed by how kikochan has been getting popular around the fashion world.
The first time i saw her was in the magazine, a few years ago.
It said that she lived in Kobe, and she loved to shop around where i always went,
so i just thought maybe i could see her someday around there, and started checking out her appearance in the magazines.
Then, a few years later, she's like this huge new big star who is acting for Haruki Murakami's movie.
I mean,,, some people's life can change so much in only a few years! i'm just so happy about it :)
I feel like being happy for her like a mother. Of course i'm just one of the fans though. lol
She has this strong attitude that attracts people's attention.
Her face is unique, in a very beautiful way. She has this special atmosphere that western models don't have. and i love it.

today, i saw her in the uniqlo campaign too. that's a pretty big thing in Japan, isn't it? :D
Plus, i noticed that she was featured in Vogue Italia too. For the promotion thingy of Norwegian Wood.
How cool is that.

I'm looking very forward to watching Norwegian Wood, maybe i should read it in English cuz i saw it in the school's library.
Also looking forward to seeing her in Kobe shopping around. haha. just hoping.

Wow. My mom came here just right now looking at my PC and said
she has the English version of Norwegian Wood. umm... yay? lol

k, so i'm going to read it now. ugh but it's almost one week before exams and all i did was politics and economics, biology, and KOTEN.

need to do the formidable mathematics. hahhh, can somebody teach me? i need a tutor.

ba byee



I thought today was gonna be freaking cold,
so i wore my favorite GAP BOYS Very Warm Sweater (it's really warm) to school
but somehow ended up with a shirt when school finished.

it was so hot that i almost sweated during art class.

I hope tomorrow will be cold again because i'm done enough of the heat.

Art class is very enjoyable and i had a great time with maya painting these... stuff. lol
well i'm not sure if the painting was good though but art class is surely fun.
oh but i hate when i get some paint accidentally on my hand.
i always forget to scrub it off and it was such a shame when i ordered some coffee at starbucks today after school and the waitress(do they call them like that?) was keep staring at my hand and i was like...oh...

anyways i love starbucks. YUMMY.

and i love Madonna on the Dolce & Gabbana advertisement.
she looks so real. you know, as a woman. and as a mother.

i especially like the second picture which she is crying softly.
not desperately, but trying to tell something.
it looks like a scene of a movie.

i really love advertisements.

it all has a theme or a message or a story in it.

have a nice weekend!

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