I thought today was gonna be freaking cold,
so i wore my favorite GAP BOYS Very Warm Sweater (it's really warm) to school
but somehow ended up with a shirt when school finished.

it was so hot that i almost sweated during art class.

I hope tomorrow will be cold again because i'm done enough of the heat.

Art class is very enjoyable and i had a great time with maya painting these... stuff. lol
well i'm not sure if the painting was good though but art class is surely fun.
oh but i hate when i get some paint accidentally on my hand.
i always forget to scrub it off and it was such a shame when i ordered some coffee at starbucks today after school and the waitress(do they call them like that?) was keep staring at my hand and i was like...oh...

anyways i love starbucks. YUMMY.

and i love Madonna on the Dolce & Gabbana advertisement.
she looks so real. you know, as a woman. and as a mother.

i especially like the second picture which she is crying softly.
not desperately, but trying to tell something.
it looks like a scene of a movie.

i really love advertisements.

it all has a theme or a message or a story in it.

have a nice weekend!

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