hey, Angel. can you hear me?

I am so astonished + amazed by how kikochan has been getting popular around the fashion world.
The first time i saw her was in the magazine, a few years ago.
It said that she lived in Kobe, and she loved to shop around where i always went,
so i just thought maybe i could see her someday around there, and started checking out her appearance in the magazines.
Then, a few years later, she's like this huge new big star who is acting for Haruki Murakami's movie.
I mean,,, some people's life can change so much in only a few years! i'm just so happy about it :)
I feel like being happy for her like a mother. Of course i'm just one of the fans though. lol
She has this strong attitude that attracts people's attention.
Her face is unique, in a very beautiful way. She has this special atmosphere that western models don't have. and i love it.

today, i saw her in the uniqlo campaign too. that's a pretty big thing in Japan, isn't it? :D
Plus, i noticed that she was featured in Vogue Italia too. For the promotion thingy of Norwegian Wood.
How cool is that.

I'm looking very forward to watching Norwegian Wood, maybe i should read it in English cuz i saw it in the school's library.
Also looking forward to seeing her in Kobe shopping around. haha. just hoping.

Wow. My mom came here just right now looking at my PC and said
she has the English version of Norwegian Wood. umm... yay? lol

k, so i'm going to read it now. ugh but it's almost one week before exams and all i did was politics and economics, biology, and KOTEN.

need to do the formidable mathematics. hahhh, can somebody teach me? i need a tutor.

ba byee


  1. i was thinking the same
    thing when i found the
    book in the cc :)

    omg i only studied KOTEN
    yesterday! you need to
    stop studing Kimmy:o! lol

  2. >maya

    yeah it seems interesting! i'm not sure tho :) lol
    oh and i finished air head ♥ it was pretty good!

    well, the truth is...all i did wuz just copying
    my notebook to another notebook so i didn't
    memorize anything. all i did was WRITE. haha

    and the most terrifying thing is TOEFL.
    it's this week! omggggg.


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