i was walking around Kitano today with my mom
and found this cool sailing guy in front of a house.
it's funny that he looks like asking for money lol


A little touch


hi! today was a very busy day and the weather was so lazy...
there were storms after the reihai and i got all wet which made me very upset,
but it went sunny again during the first class... SO UNFAIR!

it took 20 minutes to curl my hair in the morning,
and it automatically turned all messy because of that stormmm!
i wanted to cry but somehow i didn't :P

plus! we had シャトラン...(i dunno how to say this in english lol)
that took all of my power... but guess what! i scored 65! level 8! YES!

today, we have no homework(thank god!!) so i watched yesterday's Glee episode 7
for the second time :) it was the BEST!!!! i think the Glee cast voice really
comes out with Bruno Mars songs. they just match perfectly!!!!!!

tomorrow, im planning to watch "Pierrot le Fou" because my mom
borrowed it from the rental shop a week ago and it's probably almost the due date.

it's great to have a family who all love movies.

looks like i need to get a popcorn bag after school tomorrow!

see ya


macarons for sale


the picture above is the Laduree shop in the Versailles! gosh i want to go back to Paris so much.
and i think im saying this everyday since i came back Japan. well i love Japan too though! :) lol

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