Glee season 2 was good! I mean,,, great!
I especially loved that they used so many new songs,
like the "Empire State of Mind" and "Billionaire".

Gosh, I missed Sue's crazy jokes so much.
and Rachel's selfishness.
and Finn's dance.
and Mr. Schuester's curly hair!!

and there are bunch of photos of Florence Welch so
I'll post them on here. :) Her hair looks so good.
Hmm... red hair.... must consider..





i'm enjoying my holidays pretty much!
today, i hang out with my elementary school friends and then
took our dance lesson together. :)

I need to start studying for chemistry but somehow
i can't hold my pen and open my notebook.

and some nice books arrived today so i'll post them on when i have time.


I want to ride a ..

hi there.

I wanted to use this picture so badly on my vogue blog,
but well i had these other photos that MK Olsen actually
looked more "BOHO", so i decided to post this on here.


i really want to have a bike that has a pretty wooden basket on it
and go cycling down the streets or somewhere else far far away.

Geez, i haven't used a bike since... i don't even remember!

there's no school for the rest of the week because of the entrance examination,
and i barely have plans (yes, the taylor swift concert).
therefore, maybe i should start studying cuz
finals are like in 2 weeks after this small vacation week.

but maybe before studying, i should go shopping. lol

bye bye

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