wow. Prada S/S 2011

is beautiful. i love the sunglasses. they look similar to willy wonka's sunglasses.
everything is so fresh and juicy. the color, design, and the style... :)

ahhh i want to talk about it a little more but it's bed time so GOOD BYE.
I think this collection images will probably appear in my dream. haha


A slice of HAPPINESS

hello everyone!

today, i went to watch the talk show of the chief editor of VOGUE NIPPON.
and,, fortunately, the nice Vogue people made me talk to her.
she was BEAUTIFUL. hard to explain in words, you know?
I could barely speak to her because she was so amazingly gorgeous and i just freaked out. lol

okayyy, so this is my funny coordinate i wore to the event.
wow... i seriously look like a pumpkin. i mean, my face. look at it. why is it SOO ROUND. haha

(fluffy tops: Kin bought @ Urban Research, cargo pants: 20,000,000 fragments bought @ BARNEYS NEW YORK Kobe, shoes: Steve Madden, bag: Bally, belt:Anna Sui, beret:Maxim)

ahhh... i'm really sleepy. need a nap. no. need to go to bed.

nighty night.



grahhh. i went to shopping with my mom today.
bought a "SO EDITOR" khaki jodhpurs@ barneys. :)

i love them so much. they make me look tall. i think. hehe
the people at barneys were so nice and i felt like stepping into a dreamland or something.

i've never been into such a gorgeous change room that has gorgeous curtains and fluffy carpets.
ahhhh. i just want to say thank you for the kindness.

the pictures above are the party at the chanel boutique.
Alexa Chung is the DJ. how awesome is that.

Well, i need to read Hamlet for my homework assignment
so GOOD BYE :) <3



it would be amazing if i could go to lady gaga's concert again.
i went to the monster ball with my mother in ... was it april? i forgot.
anyways it was like the best concert i have ever seen.

she is always creating something new and shocking, that grabs people's heart
and it's clear that being abnormal is not a easy thing by looking at her hard work and efforts.

she is the new star, and she will be forever.

gosh i'm very devastated. maybe i have not enough time to sleep.
need to count some sheep! lol


Pomme means apple

bonjour! enchantée.

i think french is the prettiest language in the world

au revoir!


gg season 3 is good! the story is a little complicated though :)

i want to go to Paris too.

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