"i have a plan." "no you don't."

i like to study at nighttime.

with my sister, music from the radio, and coffee. :)

tomorrow is my favorite day! i love friday's schedule.

that's because i have English for 3 hours :)
plus 2 hours for art, and 1 hour for 古典. haha

it's pretty awesome. lol

and !!! today is おみおみ's birthday! yay! sweet 16!
i dunno if she's reading this, but wish it'll be a great year for her!
luv yah おみおみ!♥

xoxo, Kimmy


magic exists.


"What!? Exams are in a week!?"

Hello everyone. winter vacation is coming in
2 weeks and I Am Very Excited. Ou LA LA!

I really need to study but Harry Potter is kind of disturbing me :]
I love Harry Potter movies but never read the book.
Maybe I should try it someday... Everyone says that it's
the best fiction book ever and i should read it, but I'm not the kind of
person for fantasy... Well, maybe it's time to try for new things.


BTW, アンジーの若い頃 is so sexy :) ♥ lol

It's getting late, so i will go back to study.
but wait. oh my gosh, Harry is almost dying.

What should I do???? lol


to be, or not to be



i seriously do not have any balance.

so let's pray that i won't fall off front of everyone staring at me. haha

it's impossible to WALK and JUMP and POSE on something really narrow.
people are meant to walk on the ground.
not something that exactly looks like pocky. or toppo. lol

well good luck me!



I went to shopping with my friend :)

ate krispy kreme doughnuts. oh and i took the picture of the new Uniqlo shop in osaka. lol

anddd 最近のプリ機の威力はすごい。haha
my hair is so messy but who cares. lol
the clothes are the ones i uploaded for my vogue blog.
but they look really funny in this picture i dunno why. loll

i met maya and the cheer girls in namba ♥ i love those girls ♥




today i took a dance lesson with my friends and it was really exciting :)
it made me realize that exercising is not that bad. hehe

need to work out to make the clothes look good on me!

in the mood for pretty-lady-classic style ;) ♥ lol

ahhh kawaii!

oh and the french people were the last day of school
but i couldn't say good bye to them.


au revoir!!!

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