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for people who are super bored with their long summer break just like me. lol

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I've got nothing to say

Hi! It's been a while since i posted my last blog. I was pretty busy dealing with my
summer homeworks, club, and those kinds of stuff, but I finished up the
reading essay today, so hopefully there will be no panic on August 31.lol
Anyways, I've found a couple of interesting photos that blew me off!


Milla Jovovich in Vogue Italia 1997, photographed by Bob Richardson.

This is way too cool. It's unbelievable that these photos were actually taken when I
was only 3 years old. The style, poses, location, expressions, are all
perfect and there's nothing to complain about. "Mannish"and"androgynous"
are lately the new keywords for the fashion world, but I never saw such outstanding
photos that represented the tomboy style :) Milla is now very famous as a fashion icon,
but I've never seen her looking so mannish like this, so I was struck by this editorial.

the photographer Bob Richardson's photos are all dark, but real.
His muse was Anjelica Huston, and he took many photos of Anjelica smoking cigarettes.


I love black and white photos because I can imagine the colors.

Someday, I will try taking black and white photos. hmm, what kind of
location would be suitable? I'll think about that!

bye :)

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