i. am. a. freak. !

hello. :)))))
i just can't believe it's the end of july.
time's going toooooo fast.
but i shouldn't care about it because we still have one more month.
yeah. still one more month. wipeee!!!!
hmmmmm...gaga makes me crazzzy. lmao


lean on me


i wanna watch GLEE so much!
i should've bring the DVD!


the glamour

hi hi hi hi


i don't know why but i feel so sleepy.
i enjoyed karaoke last night at my grandpa's house. wish i had one of those... they are soo useful. lol
my grandpa is one of the most lovely man i ever know.
i am so proud of him because he is still working everyday, even though he's 80! :3
he is the best hardworking 80 years old in the world.
awww im so sleepy. need a nap probably.


cut, paste, and ta daaaa

i made a little scrap on photoshop a few days ago

it doesn't have a particular meaning though lol



500 days of summer

500 days of summer was good.... no.... great! lol

it's about a girl who doesn't believe in love, and a boy who wants to have a serious relationship.

i really liked the story.

Summer(the girl)'s dresses were very pretty too.


these kinds of movies makes me want to have a boyfriend, which i will never be able to have ):

isn't there somebody who likes me? like,,,, somebody?????? lol

well anyways i realized i need to loose some weight at first.

diet !!!


the socks that bring you luck

hmm... funny picture...
how did i thought i should hang my socks on my chair...?

anyways, vivienne westwood socks are my lovers.

they give me some happiness and a little bit of confidence. ♥
i have a leg warmer too but it's too kinda...hot? yeah, hot.... :P

my favorite one is the union jack socks but i made a hole on it. a HUGE one. and i even didn't get to wear it.

how i can always be so dumb?

anyways, socks are goooood lol


to my friend

well, i found these gorgeous pics of blair(one with chuck lol)
so i decided to post them for my friend maya. hehe
hope she is reading this.

i really understand why she loves blair.

blair's bossy, but not mean.
たまに優しいところがグッとくる lol

annnd her fashion is very pretty. i mean, well sophisticated?
i love how she uses so many colors but still has the elegant taste.

まやの影響でgossip girl見始めて、
大好きになれたのでi really really thank her. :) luv ya mayaa!


でも外見を気にしない子も素敵です :)

i am such a lucky person. hehe

this is my favorite kiss scene in gg!

でもjennyも可愛いです lolol

今度jennyについても語ろうかな :):)



OMG. kawaii ♡ lol



i am really confused about the test schedule.

i was supposed to have fun for the weekends
but it seems like i have to STUDY. ugh

and algebra is making me nuts!!!!!!!!

btw, i love lindsay wixson!
i think she's the same age as me....probably...

i wish i had so much height like her. my life would definitely change.
her heart shaped lips are really pretty too :)


anyways, i have to go study back.



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