my sister in her new topshop dress. i adore it!
took it with my OLYMPUS PEN, and edited by photoshop.



i want to escape from everything that's bothering me, and lie on the grass under the sun.

i am looking forward to watching this new movie called "Tanner Hall", a story about four teenage girls.
I love films about teenage girls, especially with school uniforms. (So as Virgin Suicides! )
Oh wait, "An Education" used uniforms too.. They were very classic, just like this one :)

Rooney Mara, who is playing the main role for this film, is also acting the main character 
for the new movie called "the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". She transformed into a goth girl with 
nose pierces. Such a huge change, but i liked it! lol I'm very excited to watch both of
the films, because Rooney is the girl who got marked from David Fincher as a new big star!!

These pictures really remind me of Virgin Suicides. Quiet, cold, sad, but soft. 

ahh, i need chocolate! lol



I want macarons, not diamonds.


it's all happening

Today, I just realized that there are only two months left for this year :O
2011 was the fastest year in my entire life. Probably that's because
I've been busy all the time with my school events, but I just can't believe that 
7 months have already passed after the trip to Paris! Time flies so fast and it scares me.

Oh and I forgot to mention this in here, I turned into seventeen last Saturday!
It was the best birthday, and everyone gave me wonderful messages that
were so touching... I love birthdays..I mean,who doesn't like them?lol

Talking about the subject, I watched "Almost Famous" a few days ago.
It was the third time to watch it, but I enjoyed it anyways! I always think that the best
 movies are the ones that you still love regardless how many times you've watched.

AND, this movie is exactly that kind of one.

The scene where Penny-Lane wipes her tears... is unforgettable.

"We are not Groupies. Groupies sleep with rockstars because they want to be near someone famous. 
We are here because of the music, we inspire the music. We are Band Aids." -Penny Lane

Kate Hudson was perfect for Penny-Lane. Strong, crazy, lovable, but sensitive.

Not just Penny, but Sapphire is one of my favorite characters too.

"They don't even know what it is to be a fan. Y'know? To truly love some 
silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it hurts." -Sapphire

Ah, I love every single word of this film.

When they sing along to Elton John's "Tiny Dancer"in the bus, I felt there is nothing
better than gather up with your friends, chill out, and do nothing.
"Almost Famous" is a movie about music, rock and roll, love, family, etc.
but I think the most important theme they wanted to tell was "friendship".

When people find their soul mate, they will find home.

" I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if ya never take it seriosuly, ya never get hurt, 
ya never get hurt, ya always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends. "




"Countdown", the new music video from Miss. B was simple, yet impeccable
and it gave me goose bumps! The bright colors and the 60s retro fashion matched
 with the song wonderfully, and it's unbelievable that her dance moves are 
great as usual even though she's pregnant! <3 I especially liked
this particular comment on youtube : "It's not Jay-Z's child, it's Destiny's child."

so true :) lol

photo1, photo2 


there's a land once I dreamed of

Sometimes, I wish we all lived in a fairytale. 

At the S/S 2012 collection, Marc Jacobs used flowers, laces, feathers, 
anything fragile to create a magical wonderland for his Louis Vuitton show. 
All of the clothes looked as if they were floating in water.. Airy, light, and sensitive 
may be the best words to describe. Also, I really loved the idea of using a huge 
carousel for the set, and the music matched perfectly too. It reminded me the days at
 Disneyland with my family when I was small. The carousel was glowing in the 
dark night, and it looked gorgeous than anything else.
I realized that a carousel can be beautiful in pure-white too. It looks more mystic :)


Marc Jacobs lead us to the world we used to believe in childhood.

I think he's some kind of a wizard in real life..lol

all photos from Style.com


almost famous

hi there! again, long time no see but i'm alive so don't worry.lol

I've been dreadfully busy for the past few weeks, and had vast amounts of works to do,
but it's finally almost ending. It's sad when I think the things I couldn't able
to do, but I decided to look the other side; things that I accomplished. :)

After this busy week ends, I am planning to go watch the glee movie
(probably 2 or 3 times to fulfill my satisfaction), go shopping at Osaka,
and eat bunch of Laduree macarons at Isetan! I have a reason for the last one,
because a few days ago, I met the lovely Voguette blogger Kurara-san at the Laduree cafe,
and the macaron ice-cream that we ordered tasted SUPER delicious.

 I didn't have much time to spend for shopping, so my closet looks completely summer.
I need more knits and furs and...something that looks warm!
Then, I found this picture in my computer, that utterly attracted my attention.
Erin Wasson's style always makes me feel jealous. There's no one who can bring a big
fur poncho with tie dye wide pants and look so damn cool. sigh*

I want a little more wildness for this season! Can't wait to go out shopping!

Before that, I need to do my best on my dance & band performance :)



when it rains

for people who are super bored with their long summer break just like me. lol

♪The Ettes-Crown of Age


I've got nothing to say

Hi! It's been a while since i posted my last blog. I was pretty busy dealing with my
summer homeworks, club, and those kinds of stuff, but I finished up the
reading essay today, so hopefully there will be no panic on August 31.lol
Anyways, I've found a couple of interesting photos that blew me off!


Milla Jovovich in Vogue Italia 1997, photographed by Bob Richardson.

This is way too cool. It's unbelievable that these photos were actually taken when I
was only 3 years old. The style, poses, location, expressions, are all
perfect and there's nothing to complain about. "Mannish"and"androgynous"
are lately the new keywords for the fashion world, but I never saw such outstanding
photos that represented the tomboy style :) Milla is now very famous as a fashion icon,
but I've never seen her looking so mannish like this, so I was struck by this editorial.

the photographer Bob Richardson's photos are all dark, but real.
His muse was Anjelica Huston, and he took many photos of Anjelica smoking cigarettes.


I love black and white photos because I can imagine the colors.

Someday, I will try taking black and white photos. hmm, what kind of
location would be suitable? I'll think about that!

bye :)


pretty in pink


pink hair... must try when i get old like 70 or something. lol

it's really attracting when those women who are generally called "obachan",
dye their hair in to purple or pink(especially just the front part!). i wonder who
started that, but it's pretty popular in osaka...



Hello, everyone!


浮き足立っている私。:) したいことが山ほどありすぎて、


以前、三宮のDior Hommeに行って初めて知りました。

実は数週間前、神戸元町のDior Homme店で、昔のコレクション映像や解体ジャケットを
優しいスタッフの方が、店内をゆっくり案内しながら、Dior Hommeの服の

mens fashionについて教えてくださったスタッフの皆さん、


Dior Hommeは2005年以来、ベルギー人のデザイナーKris Van Aacheがブランドを支えています。
彼はそれまで、前Dior HommeデザイナーのHedi Slimaneの元で、
Yves Saint LaurentやDior Hommeのデザイナーとして働いていました。
そして、2005年の1月、Hedi Slimaneの後継者として、自らがデザインした
コレクションを発表し、それ以来Dior Hommeの地位を不動のものにしています。

パンクを基調とした、「魅せ方」がとても上手いHedi Slimane時のデザインを好む
熱狂的なファンも多いのですが、現デザイナーのKris Van Aacheは、反対にシンプルな中にも形の美しさや

私はどちらのshowも好きですが、以前発表された2011春夏のmens collectionの
Dior Hommeは特別心惹かれるものがありました...!レザー使いや帽子など、
もらえました!このように、最近なんだかmens fashionの魅力の虜になって


今までは私にとって未知の世界だったmens fashion、Dior Hommeのお店に一度


see you again


didn't i see you crying

Hi everyone. It's in the middle of final exams, and I am typing this post to run away
from the reality (as always). However, there's another reason. A few days ago,
something that i was waiting for such a long long time, finally appeared.

Miu Miu's new advertisement starring Hailee Steinfeld!

I feel indignant about how I get behind these new informations and news when I have exams.
Still, it's a good delight to see these pictures for a break, because they are certainly
more interesting and intriguing than studying physics and biology...

Ah, sorry for complaining so much, and let's just go the pictures! lol


Hailee Steinfeld, the most uprising teenager actress, became the new face for Miu Miu this year.
She is now 14, but her style is already well organized, and recently she also took an appearance at the
latest Miu Miu fashion show; wearing a white Miu Miu dress with a leopard clutch and
black strip heels. Hailee knows what she looks good on her, and what doesn't.
She rocks Prada, Miu Miu, Marchesa on the red carpet, and gives a big smile at the camera.
Not every 14 year old girl can wear a Prada dress and attend to a fashion show at Paris, but
I think she has that much potential and talent. When it comes to style, age doesn't really care. I think. lol


I love love love her long and fluffy brown hair! and these sunglasses! E.N.V.Y.


The clothes, especially the glitter shoes, and flower prints(which are very Miu Miu) are beautiful
but once again I was amazed by Hailee's model potential. She seems very natural, and
there's no other teenage girl who looks perfect for a Miu Miu campaign like her.

I think Miuccia Prada chose the right girl!!

gotta go back to study, see you next week!
Summer is almost hereeee!




L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one i see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore

john lennon and yoko ono photographed by david bailey



midterms are over, and yesterday after school i went to Katy Perry's concert!
Geez, she was super gorgeous!!! great songs, nice stage, and pretty costumes
made a wonderful show. i had the sweetest time, thanks Katy Perry :)

well midterms are over and i've not been touching any magazines for
a long time, so im devouring on them lately. lol

this is my recent favorite article from the US Vogue starring
Natalia Vodianova, Elle Fanning, Hailee Steinfeld and Chloe Moretz.
the new generation girls are definitely having the moment with Natalia!


I love these three girls so much; probably the most hot it girls today.
I talked about Elle Fanning a few months ago, but Chloe Moretz is one of my favorite actress too!
Her medium-short-bob? hair is very pretty, and she looks really lovely in it.
I have a certain feeling that she'll become an actress like Kirsten Dunst in the future... :)

What i most love about these teenager actresses is that they are 'fresh' and 'happy'!

the "Black Swan" princess Natalie Portman used to be a girl too.
Her appearance in "the Professional" was a huge shock to the world,
and she was immediately recognized as the girl in the moment!

Now, Natalie Portman is a matured gorgeous woman/mother,
and i am very amused by her great achievements and career.


She played the role as Matilda in "the Professional". her black bob hair is one of the best hairstyle i ever seen before.

why i'm talking about Chloe and Natalie, is because i found these two pictures that have the same message. these pictures are from Chloe Moretz's recent film "Kick Ass" and Natalie Portman in "the Professional".


it's pretty sad seeing an innocent girl holding a trigger to somebody-and to herself,
but what's so shocking is, that they both have tears falling down their cheeks.
i honestly don't prefer violence, so these pictures were not easy to face, and i know many
people do not admit the fact of using girls for killing or violence too.

but i considered about it more deeply, and found an answer that maybe these
films wanted to show the hidden darkness that girls have. well, ofcourse most of the girls do not prefer
to use guns, but i think they all have some kind of mysterious parts behind their
'normal' parts and trying to hide it.

in the movie Black Swan, it mainly discussed about how to bring out your darkness.
the main character Nina's sensitiveness starts to change more wild and aggressive during the story. i thought maybe
this can happen to most people, because everybody has two sides inside themselves.

sorry for talking so longly, these pictures were that impressive for me.

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