i want to escape from everything that's bothering me, and lie on the grass under the sun.

i am looking forward to watching this new movie called "Tanner Hall", a story about four teenage girls.
I love films about teenage girls, especially with school uniforms. (So as Virgin Suicides! )
Oh wait, "An Education" used uniforms too.. They were very classic, just like this one :)

Rooney Mara, who is playing the main role for this film, is also acting the main character 
for the new movie called "the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". She transformed into a goth girl with 
nose pierces. Such a huge change, but i liked it! lol I'm very excited to watch both of
the films, because Rooney is the girl who got marked from David Fincher as a new big star!!

These pictures really remind me of Virgin Suicides. Quiet, cold, sad, but soft. 

ahh, i need chocolate! lol

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