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hi there! again, long time no see but i'm alive so don't worry.lol

I've been dreadfully busy for the past few weeks, and had vast amounts of works to do,
but it's finally almost ending. It's sad when I think the things I couldn't able
to do, but I decided to look the other side; things that I accomplished. :)

After this busy week ends, I am planning to go watch the glee movie
(probably 2 or 3 times to fulfill my satisfaction), go shopping at Osaka,
and eat bunch of Laduree macarons at Isetan! I have a reason for the last one,
because a few days ago, I met the lovely Voguette blogger Kurara-san at the Laduree cafe,
and the macaron ice-cream that we ordered tasted SUPER delicious.

 I didn't have much time to spend for shopping, so my closet looks completely summer.
I need more knits and furs and...something that looks warm!
Then, I found this picture in my computer, that utterly attracted my attention.
Erin Wasson's style always makes me feel jealous. There's no one who can bring a big
fur poncho with tie dye wide pants and look so damn cool. sigh*

I want a little more wildness for this season! Can't wait to go out shopping!

Before that, I need to do my best on my dance & band performance :)



  1. hi,
    I love your individual style of writing with pretty photos.
    it's so marvelous!
    i really imspired from your posts.

  2. thank you so much!
    i'm happy that you enjoyed my posts!
    keep in touch :)



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