midterms are over, and yesterday after school i went to Katy Perry's concert!
Geez, she was super gorgeous!!! great songs, nice stage, and pretty costumes
made a wonderful show. i had the sweetest time, thanks Katy Perry :)

well midterms are over and i've not been touching any magazines for
a long time, so im devouring on them lately. lol

this is my recent favorite article from the US Vogue starring
Natalia Vodianova, Elle Fanning, Hailee Steinfeld and Chloe Moretz.
the new generation girls are definitely having the moment with Natalia!


I love these three girls so much; probably the most hot it girls today.
I talked about Elle Fanning a few months ago, but Chloe Moretz is one of my favorite actress too!
Her medium-short-bob? hair is very pretty, and she looks really lovely in it.
I have a certain feeling that she'll become an actress like Kirsten Dunst in the future... :)

What i most love about these teenager actresses is that they are 'fresh' and 'happy'!

the "Black Swan" princess Natalie Portman used to be a girl too.
Her appearance in "the Professional" was a huge shock to the world,
and she was immediately recognized as the girl in the moment!

Now, Natalie Portman is a matured gorgeous woman/mother,
and i am very amused by her great achievements and career.


She played the role as Matilda in "the Professional". her black bob hair is one of the best hairstyle i ever seen before.

why i'm talking about Chloe and Natalie, is because i found these two pictures that have the same message. these pictures are from Chloe Moretz's recent film "Kick Ass" and Natalie Portman in "the Professional".


it's pretty sad seeing an innocent girl holding a trigger to somebody-and to herself,
but what's so shocking is, that they both have tears falling down their cheeks.
i honestly don't prefer violence, so these pictures were not easy to face, and i know many
people do not admit the fact of using girls for killing or violence too.

but i considered about it more deeply, and found an answer that maybe these
films wanted to show the hidden darkness that girls have. well, ofcourse most of the girls do not prefer
to use guns, but i think they all have some kind of mysterious parts behind their
'normal' parts and trying to hide it.

in the movie Black Swan, it mainly discussed about how to bring out your darkness.
the main character Nina's sensitiveness starts to change more wild and aggressive during the story. i thought maybe
this can happen to most people, because everybody has two sides inside themselves.

sorry for talking so longly, these pictures were that impressive for me.


  1. hey kimmy chan♥

    r u serious!?
    katy perry came to NZ!!
    maybe...1 month ago?
    and my friends went hers concert.
    i couldnt go there~jealous;(hehe

    and these girls soooo cute♥

  2. really?? :D nice! she was so pretty <3

    yeah i love these photos :)

  3. Hey Kimmy!:D
    im a japanese high school student and i love to read your blog!xD hehe
    i agree with you. Girls have mysterious and dark parts. but most of the people can control it ne...:) fortunately.

  4. thank you very much :)
    yeahh that's right <3 lol


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