didn't i see you crying

Hi everyone. It's in the middle of final exams, and I am typing this post to run away
from the reality (as always). However, there's another reason. A few days ago,
something that i was waiting for such a long long time, finally appeared.

Miu Miu's new advertisement starring Hailee Steinfeld!

I feel indignant about how I get behind these new informations and news when I have exams.
Still, it's a good delight to see these pictures for a break, because they are certainly
more interesting and intriguing than studying physics and biology...

Ah, sorry for complaining so much, and let's just go the pictures! lol


Hailee Steinfeld, the most uprising teenager actress, became the new face for Miu Miu this year.
She is now 14, but her style is already well organized, and recently she also took an appearance at the
latest Miu Miu fashion show; wearing a white Miu Miu dress with a leopard clutch and
black strip heels. Hailee knows what she looks good on her, and what doesn't.
She rocks Prada, Miu Miu, Marchesa on the red carpet, and gives a big smile at the camera.
Not every 14 year old girl can wear a Prada dress and attend to a fashion show at Paris, but
I think she has that much potential and talent. When it comes to style, age doesn't really care. I think. lol


I love love love her long and fluffy brown hair! and these sunglasses! E.N.V.Y.


The clothes, especially the glitter shoes, and flower prints(which are very Miu Miu) are beautiful
but once again I was amazed by Hailee's model potential. She seems very natural, and
there's no other teenage girl who looks perfect for a Miu Miu campaign like her.

I think Miuccia Prada chose the right girl!!

gotta go back to study, see you next week!
Summer is almost hereeee!


  1. i know how you feel about running away from the reality,too.lol
    i've been having exams,too.but it's ending tomorrow!hurray! S U M M E R is almost there!

    anyway,wow,she's SO cute.X) i especially LOVE her hairrrr! i'll be definitely keeping my eyes on her* i can't believe she's 14! i guess you're right,ages doesn't matter:-)

    whew..better get back studying;(

    looking forward to your next update!

  2. >yuki-san

    hi! thanks for the comment!
    i hope you did your best on your exams!<3

    ahh it's so good that you don't have to study for this weekend..
    i have one more day to go, so wish me luck :D

    yeah Hailee Steinfeld really doesn't look 14 at all,
    still she has some childish sides that are so adorable!

    thanks again,


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