nah, smiley!

hahaha. i was just bored and found these pictures and felt funny.
blake is gorgeous. and Anna Wintour looks like the queen, doesn't she? :)
i am planning to read her biography. amazon, here we come!!!!

Oh my goodness school starts 2mrrw :O

but i'm excited about new students! i hope i can become friends. lol
i need to get out of my shy character. i want to become,,,, funny. YES, FUNNY.

today, i had my band practice and after that i went to Motomachi w/ my mom ♥

it was great spending time for shopping & eating :)
i love Motomachi. it's a great place to go shopping and walking around.
the boutiques, cafes, peoples are all exquisite and i feel a little rich when i go there. hahaha
you know, just a little rich. haha

i found this next to the Motomachi's pretty cafe. probably Afternoon tea.
i love these kinds of telephone...umm...what do we call it? oh, yeah. it's the telephone box. pretty name. lol
anyways, i feel the taste of London when i see this.
although i don't have a particular reason.

let's see.... maybe the color? yeah... bright red is my stereotype image of London.
in a good way, of course.

i think all the japanese telephone box should become this type of thing.
the cities would become looking better!!!!

seems like i need to send a letter to the 区役所 :D

good bye with the picture of Clueless.
pretty dress. looks like miu miu. not sure but.

nighty night

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