hello. i don't have school for now, but i will write about school uniforms. haha
my school doesn't have a unifrom but i sometimes i wish i had one.
arranging the uniforms like serena and blair would be so exciting. ♥
omg i'm just so in love with serena's fashion to school.
it's weird because it looks like she actually chosen the clothes by herself.
nice work eric daman!!!! lol
serena always looks gorgeous no matter what she is wearing.
her effortless look is so natural and beautiful.
look at her hair.
you call it "flawless". lol
and also proenza schouler's collection had the taste of prep school girls(i think)
the thigh highs, duffle coats, shoes are so sexy in a nice way.
wait. what the hell does mean "sexy in a nice way"? lol
umm.. i don't know but i love them. :D
if i could go to school looking like this, the whole day would be perfect. i promise.
thinking of what to wear to school from autumn makes me feel want to go to school.
i am totally not in the mood to go to school in summer.
i'm sure that i'll faint at the day of sports festival.
need to bring some tons of ice!!!!

awww... kawaii...aww...sigh sigh
i saw the video like hundred times(just kidding)
but it's really kakkoii!!!
ha! i miss school! well i'm not sure though!! heh heh
oooh and this hermes scarf site is very creative and so much ideas of how to arrange them.
checking it everyday!

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