fly like a butterfly

hello people.
it's the 10th of august. wait....


well, i don't believe it. :D haha

times going too fast. it's probably the 50th time to say this.lol
but i think this summer is going pretty good!
i'm spending lots of time with my family, and i feel very very happy everyday.
but i really do miss my friends.
hope everyone is doing well :) xoxo

so, changing the subject, i think whitney port has the best "mixing style"


olivia is kinda getting the attention now,
but i always love whitney too!
my sister and i loved her since she was in the hills.

her relax style is one of my favorites!

ooh... long legs...

very jealous! haha

she is a newyorker now, but i love how she still has the LA taste in newyork.
あのゆったりとした雰囲気とか、とても好きです :]

it would be an extremely hard question to answer if i would like to live in LA or NY...i love both places.i love america! of course i love japan too!i love all the places in the world!
hahaha i need to cool down. lol
but i think i can survive in any places.(except places with so many bugs)
my dream is to go to a world trip with only a backpack.
my friend's brother is doing that kind of thing,
and it seems really exciting!!!! :P

wow she is really indeed good at 甘辛mix! ♥ lol

it's veerryy obvious from the pics that she loves floral.
and she's always on the trend...impressive...lol

the way she adds a leather piece to her coordinate is impeccable! hmm...kawaii! ♥

oh my my, i love her hair too.

her's a little similiar to blake lively's hair, isn't it?

hehe i'm obsessed to natural curly hair.

i wish i had such hair...mine is straight and boring...boohoo...

i have this "new yorker" image for these two styles above.
polished, elegant, exquisite... umm... sophisticated? yees, sophisticated.

well i promised on this blog to make this summer a BLAST,
so i am going to make it! yes we can!!!


wipee and i just finished writing my 読書感想文!!!
still not done with the 短歌 thingy...haha

and i'm still not done with Sarah's camera homework..
oh yes maybe i should write about japanese sweets...
is that too normal? :O

oh no but i need to practice my guitar from now..wooo very sleepy..

too much things to do.
i'm not good at doing few things at a time.
nighty night!

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