hey there!

can somebody pleeease tell me why it's so freak'n HOT??????
i seriously can't stand it. the sun is killing me.

god i miss winter...i hate the summer weather... ;(


changing the subject, freja is one of my favorite models!

i love her masculine style in the backstage snaps.

very, very cool.

actually, i don't really like the word "cool", but i can't explain her in other words. lol


oh, and i found this old scrap i made a few months ago,
so i decided to post it.

i really love painting and drawing. :D ♡
it's one of my favorite things to do since i was a little kid.
音楽ギターだし面白そうだけど i'm terrible at singing so,,, lol

anyways, hot hot hot ! but i need to suffer!

good night!

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