Who do you live for?

Romance movies are always my favorite. 
I don't care if it's a happy ending or a sad ending,
because it depends on how we see through it.

A few months ago, I watched a movie called "Restless" directed by Gus Van Sant.
The story is about a girl with cancer and a boy who loves to visit strangers' funerals, falling in love.

Usually, I recommend to watch love comedy films that bring laughter like
"10 things I hate about you" or "What a girl wants". Those happy, funny, and sweet ones.
Therefore, a tragedy love story was obviously not my thing, but by knowing that the director was 
Gus Van Sant, it was unable not to watch. After watching the entire film sitting next to my 
mother in the movie theater, I was utterly shocked because tears were constantly falling down my cheek.

Mia Wasicowska plays the role of the main character, Annabel, a brave girl who is not afraid of
her coming death. However, after meeting Enoch, a boy who loves to attend funerals and
 talks with a ghost, Annabel starts to reconsider about her life. As they fall in love deeper, 
their limited time became an obstacle, and decide break up. However, in the end, they learn how
to face death, reality, and the future. I especially liked this movie because it described that "death" is 
not just about sad goodbyes and loneliness. People realize how much they are loved by the others 
when death comes around. For me it was when my grandmother passed away two years ago. 
When I read through her diaries, I understood how much she cared, loved, and wished the best 
for me and my family. I remember crying for a couple of hours that night very quietly, because I was 
sad but at the same time I also felt love. Likewise, Restless portrayed death very softly, 
with pure love in a comforting way.

Loved it!

p.s. i found an epic mix on 8 tracks that totally fits the mood of Restless,
and hope you guys like it too :)

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