We're all mad here.


I am finally unbound from Hamlet's homework.
Gosh, those questions made me almost mad.
Speaking of "mad", Alice in Wonderland was a big surprise last year.
Tim Burton's world was very exciting, and very MAD. hehe

Writing about Disney for my vogue blog was pretty fun :)
my sister was so excited when I told her about it.

Every year, Disney creates many new movies and they are all great,
but I really liked the old-type Disney animations such as Cinderella,
Beauty and the Beast, and of course Alice in Wonderland.
Don't they have a plan to make the old ones?

Oh wait! Tomorrow is the first day for Social Network, and I waited so long for this time to come!
There's so many plans for tomorrow, plus, I just realized that Eiken is waiting for me in a few weeks. Looks like I am going to be mad again. lol

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