these are my favorite places in my room. :) an ordinary 16 year-old's room.
the cupie dolls are so ah-dorable.(copying massie from the cliques. haha)
I used to collect them... I think they still sell at the franc franc stores.
Each doll has a different message t-shirt. hmm..very pretty.
While I was taking these pictures, I noticed that I have so many f-21 accessories.
It's just that they are so affordable and still have the funny-ness. lol
Funny accessories make me happy. i'm honest. plus, they match with everything.
Especially simple clothes. They match perfectly with white shirt + jeans. terrific!

BTW, I got a new book shelf; a large white one. Since I got my new book-shelf,
i start to collect more new books..well..only books with interesting covers.
I always decide by the cover when I buy a new book because the cover represents
the entire book, and a good cover always has a good story inside it.

I also have some photo books but "the Sartorialist" is my favorite.
Well, maybe everyone's favorite though. :) lol


I am so disappointed with the fact that winter break is finally going to end,
but decided to do my best at school this year, and concentrate on classes
a little more than last semester. lol Also, I will promise to take a longer sleep.
Health is the most important thing! I learned that from my father! haha
It's horrifying that 持久走 will start, but yes, I will try hard.
Making some vows are my recent daily work. lol

Well, good bye!


  1. Wow amazing pics!

    Also in my accessories box,there are accessories of a lot of f-21!or H&M.I'm very loved though they are cheap:)


  2. thank you! <3

    yeah what i like about forever 21 accessories is that they have so many varieties so it doesn't end up having the same one with your friends :D
    and, it's funny to mix it up with my mom's high-quality(?) accessories too :) hehe


  3. I love your accessories and many cupies lol they are so cute!
    I agree with you that big motif accessories makes me more gorgeous easily!^^
    love your fashion taste:))

  4. thank you very much ! yeah my cupies are so special for me. <3 hehe
    Big motif accessories are very useful and I wear them almost everyday!



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