konnichiwa! It's almost February and I'm thinking about
Valentines Day already...yum yum...

and well I was net surfing and found this perfectly pretty video.


ha.. i really want a Hermes carre scarf. the new designs are so kawaii!
the j'aime mon carre ads are all around on my walls. lol
i just stick them with tape, and they look super good.

Welcome to the Doll House,i love this fucking little movie,LOVE!1293316782381welctothdolhouse

hey it's Lily from the princess Diaries! wow she looks young.

tomorrow is my school's dance presentation.
I'm going to dance with Justin Timberlake - Love Stoned
and Chrisitna Aguilera - What a Girl Wants.

hope it goes well. :) see ya!

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