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I really want this book :"True Prep", but I think I've bought too many books recently.
Well, Otoshidama is going to rescue me in a few days so theres no need to worry though :)
haha i love new years.

Talking of "preppy", or maybe "school-girl style", I always wanted to wear a uniform.
Especially when I watch Gossip Girls, or sipping Caramel Eclair Latte (my recent favorite)
at starbucks and tons of high-school girls with different style of uniforms sit next to me and chat chat chat.

They all have their individual styles, like wearing the skirt extremely short,
or putting some pretty little charms on their school bags.
I like how they express their own fashion sense in those limited items and rules.

Well of course, I'm happy and satisfied that I can wear what I want at school,
however I just want to know what it's like to wear the same clothes
with everyone else in the class room. It must be pretty exciting.


So,, I'm thinking of borrowing my friend's school uniform and sneak into her school.

just joking.lol

Today is December 30th. Wow. Time can pass so fast.
Hope 2011 will be a wonderful year for me, my family, and everyone who's reading this! hehe
ba bye!

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